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vid: one by one
GoT - Cersei: Her embers tempered roared
themirrorofsin wrote in pollywalkerfans
Song Title/Vid Title: One by One
Vidder: VampireWytch aka themirrorofsin
Artist: Unkle Bob - One by One
Fandom(s): The Tudors/Rome/Doctor Who/Inspector Lynley Mysteries/Bones/Merlin
Pairings: Katherine of Aragon/Henry VIII, Atia/Mark Antony, River/Doctor (10 &11), Lynley/Havers, Booth/Brennan, Arthur/Morgana
Warnings: SPOLIERS for Merlin s3 if you haven't seen the first episode!
Summary: Angst/Romance. No Storyline just the ships.
Streaming: Youtube: .:One by One:.


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